Mark + Becky – Clarksville, TN Photographer

mark and my husband have known each other for a while now, so when i started my photography business adventure, mark was very encouraging and really enjoyed my work.  needless to say, i was pretty happy when he called me up to see if i would be able to take some pictures of him and his girlfriend, becky

one of these days, maybe soon (?), i will be able to take some engagement photos of these two

i just loved this session so much.  mark + becky were so easy to work with and i’m so happy with the images we got

i looooove this shot right here




it was sooooo hard to narrow down which images to include in this post.  there were so many great shots!

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Meet Haddilynne – Clarksville, TN Photographer

i would now like to take this time to introduce miss haddilynne anderson

she’s just perfect!

you may remember her mom and dad from this maternity session that i did a while back. i just couldn’t wait to meet sweet haddi! for this session, i really wanted to do some propped/posed shots along with some lifestyle shots….really give mom and dad some variety

look at those cheeks! oh how i love me some baby cheeks

what team do you think this family roots for?

and i will end this blog post with the collage that i put together
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Ruby + Haywood

meet miss ruby and her big brother haywood… their mom contacted me about getting some fun lifestyle portraits and due to our schedules, we decided to shoot for a friday afternoon (after work for me) at billy dunlop park.  i love billy dunlop park….it has a great trail, a creek runs through it, great swings, cute little play area…now, i say this because i had only done sessions at billy dunlop in the morning!  it’s a complete different atmosphere in the afternoon….SUPER crowded and unsupervised teenie-bopers running around everywhere…. all FUTURE sessions i plan on doing at this park will be in the mornings…..when i can have the park all to myself….almost

anywhoooooo….how adorable are these two!

miss ruby has some pretty amazing eyes…i just fell in love with her!  so precious

haywood was showing me ‘dem muscles

i wish i had been able to get more shots in the playground area, but like i said….way too crowded

there are a lot more from this session that i would love for you to check out over here on my facebook page

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Happy Easter!

 i hope everyone out there is having a wonderful day and celebrated the reason we have this holiday

i got to celebrate this Easter with my husband’s family and watch my cousin-in-law’s kiddos hunt for eggs….they are too cute!


and….he’s off!

my sweet sister in law helping out B

showin of the stash

such a great little family!!!

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Jake’s 4 Month Session – Clarksville, TN Photographer

i can’t express how quickly i fell completely in love with baby jake here…. he is just absolutely A-DOR-A-BLE! his mom called me up wanting to get a package of 3-6-9-and 12 months done, but jake here was almost 4 months old… we just modified it to a 4-6-9-and 12 month package…that being said, you will be seeing more of mr. jake around here

the picture on the left is jake holding his big brother’s thumb and on the right he’s looking over mom’s shoulder….just love that little face and i can’t wait to see what facial expressions i can get out of him at the 6 month session

his mom made this little 4, for 4 months, onesie for him and we’ll be doing the same setup for the 6-9-and 12 month session (hopefully) and i just love it

i just love this picture of them….this momma is one gorgeous lady!

mom mentioned that she really likes hands, feet, ears, nose, and all the sweet baby features so i put together this collage for her to have.

please let me know what you think and what your favorite picture is from the session.  i would love it if you would head over to my facebook page and “like” j. photography and while you are there, you can see more from this session, just click here!

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Meet Aubri – Clarksville, TN Photographer

i went home to west tn specifically for this session, i just happened to book some others since i was going to be heading down that way, but this session right here was what started the whole trip home.  you may remember her maternity session right here and little miss aubri didn’t wait too much longer after that session to make her arrival.  she was 3 months old when we took these pictures and mom had mentioned wanting a newborn feel for these photos

doesn’t she have just the prettiest lips….such a beautiful baby!

mom had this banner made for the nursery and it was just too cute, so we snatched it down and used it in our session

again….just look at those eyes and lips…just perfection

let me just tell ya people, this mom had no trace of just having a baby on her…she looks amazing and i hope that i am that blessed one day

this is aubri with her grandmother….”sweetest/bestest second mom to me ever”

we just had to get a shot of ra-ra with all her grandbabies

and this one is one of my absolute favorites from the session…i think that mom just looks perfectly calm and gorgeous and the girls are just doing their own things…and i think that this is probably what goes on a lot with 3 girls

this session took a lot of gummy bribery to get the two older girls to sit still for a couple of pictures and near the end of the session they really started getting silly…which is when i snapped this next one…

i just love it…this is her personality captured….her just being silly!

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Baby Austin – Clarksville, TN Photographer

meet austin….he’s my junior high/high school friend’s new baby boy and he is irresistibly adorable… you may remember her maternity session i did a while back, and if not, you can click here to see them.

i just love this one of momma and baby….so sweet!

he decided to wake up on me for this one…love how he’s looking right at me

and i just HAD to get big brother in there for a quick shot

if you would like to see more from this session, i’ve got a bunch more uploaded on my facebook page….i would love it if you would leave sweet comments for me

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