Ruby + Haywood

meet miss ruby and her big brother haywood… their mom contacted me about getting some fun lifestyle portraits and due to our schedules, we decided to shoot for a friday afternoon (after work for me) at billy dunlop park.  i love billy dunlop park….it has a great trail, a creek runs through it, great swings, cute little play area…now, i say this because i had only done sessions at billy dunlop in the morning!  it’s a complete different atmosphere in the afternoon….SUPER crowded and unsupervised teenie-bopers running around everywhere…. all FUTURE sessions i plan on doing at this park will be in the mornings…..when i can have the park all to myself….almost

anywhoooooo….how adorable are these two!

miss ruby has some pretty amazing eyes…i just fell in love with her!  so precious

haywood was showing me ‘dem muscles

i wish i had been able to get more shots in the playground area, but like i said….way too crowded

there are a lot more from this session that i would love for you to check out over here on my facebook page

thanks for stopping by!

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