Reese – 6 Months

so….i bought this new lens (Canon 24-70 f2.8 L series) and said to myself….jac, you need to play around and have some fun with this new lens…so i called my friend jessica, the gorgeous mother of 6 month old reese, to see if she wanted to let me come over and test out the new lens on reese (who would want to pass up that!)

this was definitely one of my favorites from the session….i want to say that the blanket was jessica’s from when she was little, but i’m not really sure

she’s teething right now so she just loved to chew on them lips

it took about 2 seconds for her to start chewing on mr. bear….love this picture

such a gorgeous pair

i just love the sweetness of this picture

and it wouldn’t be complete without a picture with her beautiful aunties….robin was trying her hardest to get her to smile!  this has to be one of my favorite candids

to see more from this session, just head over to reese’s facebook album and you can also “like” j. photography while you’re there

keep coming back to see more from me….in an upcoming post, i’m going to show you how to DIY a banner that would be perfect in baby’s nursery or to use as a photography prop (like me!)

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